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  • Product name: JZH-3622M three-phase stepper motor driver
  • Product ID: 026

Main performance parameters:
Power supply: AC220V (+5% ~ -50%), recommended AC200V (50 ~ 60Hz), the power is not less than 500W.
Driving voltage: DC105~308V
Drive current: 2.56A
Dimension: L * W * H=24.8 * 8 * 15.7
Segmentation coding: Set 3 (1, 2, 3) dial switch can choose eight kinds of fine points (small fraction can be customized according to customer).
Lock current: the built-in current lock (lock current can be customized according to the customer's full flow lock or zero current).
Single and double pulse: double pulse (customizable single pulse).
Drive current: Set 3 (4, 5, 6) position switch to choose eight kinds of current value to drive different types of motor.
Over current protection: in real time, the hardware and software of the hardware and software are protected, and the S signal is synchronous.
Phase memory: in real time, the memory driver is in the phase of the memory driver, as the initial phase of the power on the next drive, to effectively eliminate the vibration of the motor when the power is on.


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