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  • Product name: JZH-3H110M type three-phase stepping motor driver
  • Product ID: 024

Main performance parameters:
Power supply: City electrical isolation transformer to provide AC220V, (+ 5%) recommended AC200V (50 ~ 60Hz), the power is not less than 500W.
Driving voltage: DC105~308V
Drive current: 2.58.0A
Dimension: L * W * H=20 * 7 * 10.5
Segmentation coding: Set 3 (1, 2, 3) dial switch to select 8 kinds of fine points (small fraction can be customized according to customer).
Lock current: the built-in current lock (lock current can be customized according to the customer's full flow lock or zero current).
Single and double pulse: Set 1 (4) position switch to choose single pulse or double pulse.
Drive current: Set 3 (5, 6, 7) position switch to choose 8 kinds of current value to drive different types of motor.
Short circuit setting: Set 2 (8, 9) dial switch select + or -.
Over current protection: in real time, the hardware and software of the hardware and software are protected, and the S signal is synchronous.
Phase memory: real-time detection of the lost electrical signals, the memory of the driver at the moment, as the next drive on the electric motor jitter (there is a clear noise).


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