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How to let the computer do the quilting business sales in 2016

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Main computer quilting machine industry market on the basis of the national bureau of statistics, the national development and reform commission, ministry of commerce, China customs and the state council development research center, industry associations, industry and commerce, taxation, customs, information, and the basis of domestic and foreign related publications industry research units and other published and provide a large number of data, combined with in-depth market research data, by Chinese commerce intelligence network analysis of the senior experts and researchers.

First of all, the report on the industry characteristics and market environment at home and abroad, secondly, upstream and downstream industry chain of this industry, market supply and demand and competition pattern and so on has carried on the detailed detailed analysis, and then report lists several key enterprises in the industry, and analyze the relevant financial data. Finally, the development prospect for the future of the industry, investment risk and investment strategy scientific advice is given. This report is the industry production, trade, distribution, and other enterprises in the fierce market competition, insight into market opportunities, according to the market demand in a timely manner to adjust business strategy, as a strategic investor to choose the appropriate investment timing and company leaders to do strategic planning provides the accurate market intelligence information and scientific decision basis. The report name bull quilting machine industry in China market.

Computer quilting machine USES:

In quilt, plate, book cover, quilting variety of patterns. Thick is, sponge, leather and other quilting operation can be performed.

Computerized quilting institutions:

Using AC motor and digital control manner, design of a high accuracy. Semi-automatic operation preparation stage.

Computer quilting machine safety devices:

Computer, motor, machine, etc., automatic stop, anomalies will malfunction content.

14 "said color screen

Color screen, directory in Chinese characters processing, easy operation, operation process and pattern and stitch coordinate values such as a variety of information displayed on the screen.

Within 3.5 "hard disk

Use 3.5 "hard drive, easy to input style, 1 deposit at least 150 pattern on the disk.

Computer quilting machine memory function

Operation during power failure or when power off, to open the power supply can then run before a homework, lost in memories of the figure is safe.

Computer quilting machine switch instant current is much bigger than stable work, frequent switch can lead to local heating up too fast or system overloads, thus reducing life, if need to leave the machine for a long time, in order to reduce the power consumption of the computer quilting machine and protect the screen, small displays should adjust the contrast and brightness.

Computer quilting machine work when floppy drive (not bear the indicator lights suddenly shut off the power, save important files or data of the floppy disk, floppy disk, such as stochastic backup disk labeled write protect to sign, to prevent the virus infection and remove the floppy disk in the diploma, write protected disk may also prevent mistakenly formatted discs, it is forbidden to random bending, squeeze the floppy disk, don't touch the floppy disk slice exposed parts.)

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