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Basic computer maintenance and repair Quilting

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Reasonable work environment includes the physical environment and electrical environment two aspects, the former refers to the environment temperature, humidity, dust and vibration, the impact; The latter refers to static electricity, the power cord noise and radio frequency interference.


1. The environment temperature and humidity


Computer is not high to the requirement of temperature and humidity, as long as the user feel comfortable environment, computer can adapt.


Temperature: - 30 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ relative humidity of 30% ~ 70%


Temperature is too low, there may be some parts is not normal, this is not a computer fault; Temperature is too high, the computer heat dissipation is difficult, the maloperation of the components will be due to overheating;


Relative humidity due to the geographical position is different, too dry air may result in the accumulation and damage of integrated circuit, bad both for humans and machines. Too humid air, will lead to chip computers cause oxidation corrosion, bad contact or short circuit phenomenon.


2. The ventilation


Computer is placed where the best well ventilated.


3. The dust


The keyboard equipment require the environment clean, less dust. After using the keyboard, with plastic cover to cover. The dust on the display, can use soft cloth to remove, bear in mind that don't work in a computer with a damp cloth dust removal. (note: to open the case, as warranty service)


4. The power supply noise


When grid inscribed with other relatively heavy load, such as motor, will cause the power supply voltage fluctuation or rush - surge voltage, high peak voltage will damage the computer, so pay attention within the grid directly connected with the computer don't have a heavy load. (such as voltage instability, users to buy more than the actual power 3 kw of regulated power supply using).


5. In order to reduce power consumption and protect the screen, small displays should adjust the contrast and brightness.


6. U disk using the matters needing attention


When U disk job don't suddenly shut off the power, save important files or data of the U disk, U disk, such as random system backup disk labeled write protect to sign, don't squeeze the U disk, don't touch U disk pins exposed parts.


All of U disk must be labelled, save the file on the disk file name, should first write tags, then place them on U disk. U disk after use should be put back to protect the bag, into the tray box files, in order to prevent the dust into the U disk. (don't let children or people who do not know to touch, play, etc.).


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